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Latvian state laws and rules linked with heat energy delivery

All laws may have changes and supplements.
Heating energy is delivered according with Latvia Cabinet of Ministers rule "21.10.2008. MK noteikumi Nr.876" Heat energy supply and use rules , which is published according with Energy law 46.1 section, with Energy law changes and law "About public service regulators", 22. section 5. part. Heat supply accounting is done according to Energy law section 22.2 and "About public service regulators", section 26.2.

SIA "Bauskas siltums" has signed Heating projects technical regulations.

Laws about heat supply

Energy efficiency law
Latvia house building legislative LBN 211-15 "Living buildings" 2.annex (Living houses internal air temperature and air exchange extent)
Directive 2012/27/EC of the European Parliament and Council on the energy performance of buildings.
Latvia registry of heat manufacturers and registry of heat marketers

Laws about tenants and billings

As informative material about various heat calculation algorithms You can read "Heat energy consumption regulation and payment calculation methods for multiflat houses with centralized heat supply".
Minimal requirements of living house survey,maintenance,ordinary repair works and energy efficiency order.N.907
Multi-flats house tenants flat services billing order N.1013
Public services stop order N.298
Living houses managing order
Flat property law
Flat owner and tenants billing with flat keeping service order N.999

Rates laws

Laws of electricity production and cast calculation in kogeneration N.561
Heat energy supply rates calculation technique
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